Verizon Sizzle Reel
Motion Graphic Editor/Designer for Verizon Mobile Worldwide 2017 conference. Job involved color grading, screen replacement, matte painting and editing.
Good Weird Campaign, Motion Graphic Designer
Educational Design for UC Santa Cruz
Serena Williams Upper Deck Campaign
Ellen Degeneres Show
Motion Graphic/Title Designer for Ellen Degeneres Show.
Rogue One World Premiere
Rogue One World Premiere
Jack in the Box Superbowl Ad
Jack in the box is hacked in a series of funny "leaked" videos. I was the motion graphic editor for these videos. Title Design, Editing, Motion Graphic
Zefr Campaign
Kinetic Typography Video's
Kinetic Typography Videos for the LA Artist EmberFX.
Abdoer 360
Infomercial for the Abdoer 360, designed/animated the broadcast package, intro, transitions and effects for this campaign. Agency: Greenberg Direct Client: DanozDirectOnline
Discovery VR Series
Virtual Reality series for Discovery Channel
Fantastic Beasts VR Project
Fantastic Beasts VR Project
Jack in the Box "Hungry Buddies" Campaign
Jack in the Box "Hungry Buddy" Campaign.  I was the editor/colorist and visual effect artist for this campaign.  Agency: David and Goliath   Client: Jack in the Box
Cross Fit Games
Crossfit Games 2014
Charly Futbol
Editing and Graphics for Charly Futbol
California Lottery
Fear the Walking Dead
Compositing for Fear the Walking Dead on AMC.
Los Angeles Clippers
Motion Graphics for LA Clippers Main Overhead board.
Nytrix Music Videos
Compositor for Nytrix Music Video's.
What Kind of Home- Animated Children's Song
Animation teaching kids what kind of home animals live in. This was a personal project I did for my daughter.
Ritz Carlton Campaign
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