Demo Reel Breakdown: 
:02-:06: Serena Williams Upper Deck Campaign.  Compositing, Editing, Particles
:06-:14: Ellen Degeneres Show.  Animation, Modeling, Texturing
:14-:21: DYTTO Music Video.  Editing, Design, Color, Compositing
:21-:29: True Blood. Compositing
:29-:33: Mindset Marketing Campaign. Editing, Compositing
:34-:40: UC Santa Cruz.  Editing, Animation, Design
:40-:46: Man in the High Castle. Compositing, VFX
:46-:50: Longmire. Compositing
:50-:55: It's GAWD. Compositing
:57-:59: Clippers Jumbotron. Design, Compositing, Animation
:59-1:03: Fantastic Beasts VR Stitching. Stitching, Compositing
1:03-1:07: D-Blast Commercial. Animation, Rigging, Design
1:07-1:10: Meet the Goldbergs. Animation, Modeling, Compositing
1:11-1:16: Chefs Table. Compositing
1:16-1:18: Winters Dream. Compositing
1:18-1:20: Nytrix Music Video. Compositing, Particles
1:20-1:24: UC Santa Cruz. Modeling, Animation, Design
1:24-1:29: Spank Rock Music Video. Editing, Design, VFX (Yes, it's supposed to look like that.  It's called Datamoshing. 
1:30-1:32: Crossfit Games. Rigging, Animation, Modeling Gym
1:32-1:39: Jack in the Box. Animation, Editing

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